About Us

We have chosen this area because we’re convinced that crypto-currencies will revolutionize the Fin-tech industry in the near future. We believe it’s important to speculate on this great opportunity. We’ve been in the crypto-sphere for around three years, during which we’ve made thousands of trades and analysis. We offer support to beginner traders, which have no time or knowledge for crypto trading. We deliver information, analysis, and personal assistance because our goal is to grow together.

Our Mission
We believe that cryptocurrencies will revolutionize the Fintech industry and radically change the global wealth distribution, so it’s important to be on the cutting edge of this paradigm shift.
As a community of analyst with rich experience in investing and trading in different markets, we constantly improve our technical analysis skills, and research fundamentals of crypto assets.
Many traders stress out and have sleepless nights because crypto assets are very volatile, so it’s our duty to provide people with all the tools and knowledge they need for worry-free investing and trading on the crypto market!

Our Work
Our team is engaged in an interminable task of reviewing the digital asset exchange. We track the trend of each cryptocurrency from the moment of implementation. The main factors we take into consideration are the suitability of each cryptocurrency and its development phases, the risk of investment and its trajectory on the market. We pay special attention to what happens throughout the world to grasp the knowledge that will help us know the market’s direction. In other words, we attend to conferences, both physically and virtually, and follow the reactions of well-known people in the industry. We also study hundreds of forums dedicated to discussions about virtual money where we always find vital information. We do not miss any details, what can be confirmed by the signals our subscribers will receive.

Each information, before it gets to you, will be analyzed by our second layer of protection which is an additional dedicated traders team. Should we find the signal appropriate for a cash grab, we will automatically inform you about this. Our system is fast-working and rapidly growing. Expect a 5 minute period of time between the confirmation of the signal and you receiving it. In other words, signals are sent to you at an uninterrupted pace.

Each signal that we give will go to our supervision department. At this stage, we follow the market of that specific coin in case there’s even more potential for growth than we originally assumed. You will receive that information by the blink of an eye to increase your sales threshold. However, if for whatever reasons, the given signal does not reach the assumed threshold, we will shortly send you information regarding the maximum rate at which you should sell so that the obtained profit would be as large as possible.

Scalping Opportunities

We offer you a lot of opportunities for cryptocurrency scalping based on technical analyses

Crypto Education

Cryptocurrencies educational course for beginners - useful resources for self-learning the basics of trading

Market Research

Periodically, we offer our VIP members, market research reports that contain detailed analyses of some digital assets.

Dedicated Support

Each person who decides to become a VIP member can count on unlimited support from our team.

Q3 2016
We started the crypto journey
Q2 2018
We started our project
Q2 2019
We are testing the beta version of our bot
Q3 2019
We have launched our website
Q4 2019
We will launch the Alpha version of our Bot
Q1 2020
We will create our trading pool
Q2 2020
We will promote our membership platform with subscriptions
Q3 2020
We will promote our online exchanger
Q4 2020
we will lunch our mobile App
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