Trading pool a cryptotraders.vip facility

Trading pool – a cryptotraders.vip facility through which participants can subscribe, for a period of 90 days, a certain number of tokens/coins, to receive a passive income.

Cryptotraders.vip, hereinafter referred to as ctvip, will be empowered by participants to use their entire contribution of cryptocurrencies, for trading on Bitmex and Binance, the purpose of the first stages being the multiplication of bitcoin, stablecoin (busd), and binance coin (bnb).
In exchange for the loan of cryptocurrencies to ctvip, the participants will be rewarded, after 90 days, with interest / rewards resulting from trading over that period.

At the end of the 90 days, ctvip will have a period of up to 14 days to return the contribution to the participants if they do not wish to extend the collaboration.

Loan term: 90 days
Minimum contribution: equivalent to $ 500
Payment method: bitcoin, busd, bnb
Risk factor: 7%
* Annual interest rate: 16% (5.33% for 90 days)
* Management fee: 30% of the profit generated (see note)

For the first stage, we will have three options available:
a) multiply bitcoin
b) multiply busd (1busd = 1 $)
c) multiplying bnb

Participants can subscribe

Q: What is the minimum contribution?
A: The minimum contribution is $ 500 / option [a) b) c)]

Q: What is the duration of the first stage?
A: Duration of the first stage: November 15, 2019 – February 14, 2020.

Q: What is the deadline by which I can subscribe to the trading pool?
A: The deadline is November 14th. After this date, any transfer to one of the three addresses will be returned without transfer fees.

Q: If I missed the deadline for the first one, when can I participate in the next stage?
A: Stage no. 2 will start on March 1, 2020

Q: When will I own my participation fund and reward?
A: The transfer of funds subscribed by the participants as well as the reward from the first stage of the pool of
trading will be carried out during the period: February 15, 2020 – February 29, 2020.

Q: Are the funds guaranteed?
A: As we specified in the disclaimer, we will use the funds for
trading with cryptocurrencies. The risk margin set will be 7%. Which means we will limit ourselves to this range as maximum losses. In the most pessimistic case, the participant will receive back the subscribed fund -7%. We guarantee that we will give all our interest in making a profit. We are three experienced traders with at least three years of experience trading each. All 3 having technical analysis and tutorials presented on our telegram group.

Q: How will the profit be calculated?
A: The percentage calculation formula will be as follows:
(contribution * 100) / pool fund.
If you have opted for bitcoin, then fund pool means total bitcoin at start trading. If you choose 2 or 3 categories, then each class will have the same formula.

Q: How will the profit be commissioned?
A: We will commission with 30% of the profit, only that which exceeds + 5.33%.

Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies (also called digital or virtual currencies) involves substantial risk and is not for any investor.
The value of cryptocurrencies or futures contracts dedicated to them may fluctuate to the client. There is a risk that it will be harmed and suffer losses from the initial investment. Trading involving the lever (for
futures contracts) can have a significant impact on your account, even if fluctuations are not high – these can lead to substantial losses but also
substantial gains.
If the market is moving in the opposite direction, the client may reach a smaller portfolio than the one invested initial. The client is responsible for this risk, the financial resources invested, and the trading system of his choice. The client must not engage in trading if he does not fully understand the nature of the transactions performed and the extent of the exposure at the risk you take. If the client does not fully understand these risks, he should seek advice independent from the financial advisor.

* Interest earned on 90 days at the subscribed amount. The profit obtained over 5.33% is commissioned by 30%.

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